2019 Tutored Art Classes at Centre 70

On Tuesdays from 8th January

The Club will continue to provide art classes during 2019. at Centre 70, for all abilities under its Art in the Community programme.


To provide a relaxed, informative and supportive art class which welcomes artists of all abilities, who are seeking to develop their painting or drawing skills.

Our Tutors

Our new tutors, Liz and Claire from the Abingdon Art School and Oliver Bedeman, a resident artist in Wallingford who recently moved from London, are experienced professional artists. Liz and Oliver are trained teachers of arts. They will work with all members on an individual basis during the classes. They will encourage learning the basics of drawing and painting; will work alongside each artist to help and guide them to produce paintings and drawings they will be proud of. Our tutors have taught many beginners as well as experienced artists and will have an extensive library of art books and materials which they will bring to the classes to inspire the participants. There will be some demonstrations and group projects within the classes as required.

Class Content

Artists are welcome to work in a variety of mediums including crayons, charcoal, watercolour, acrylics, oils, coloured pencils, mixed media to name a few.

The aim of the classes is to be friendly, enthusiastic and supportive with a relaxed approach to learning to paint and draw.

The Drawing Club


After a survey of members' requirements it was agreed the morning class would be 3hrs and the afternoon 2½hrs. The terms are of 6 weeks in line with the state school terms. For the summer break a separate timetable will be issued. Please contact me (on email davidbooth7@outlook.com or phone) if you are interested in joining us.


The morning classes will be tutored by Liz and Claire and cost £80 (£76 WADAC members) per 6-week term.

Afternoon classes will be tutored by Oliver Bedeman; cost is £67 (£64 WADAC members) per 6-week term.